January  25 th  2018



OneSelf,  in a couple of weeks, will release his 5 th album , UNICITUDE   Door 5. You’ ll be good to discover on several platforms as BANDCAMP, SOUNDCLOUD, among others, his new songs,  videos and a lot of surprises that you will appreciate for sure.

OneSelf  has recorded an exciting Rock and Pop  album , he took his time to write lyrics that mean something true and real , he composed some  music that speaks or itself.

You don’t know OneSelf  yet, pay you a favor, hear his new songs to come or visit his old ones on https://oneself.bandcamp.com/album/portraits-of-a-confidence-door-4

Pay attention on weeks to come , OneSelf will present his songs one by one

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My album Portraits of a confidence Door 4 by OneSelf , released by Symphonic Distribution, a year ago , 11 songs out of 14 are listened to by streaming through the whole world ; Japan, Great Britain, Danemark , Poland , U S A ; Germany , Canada and France .

 It shows the quality of this album.

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Mario Deschenes



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For months , 5 songs, Sorry , so sorry ( Freely )1 st / Happiness2 nd / ( Still pain ) ( Still pain ) One year later  – 3 rd /Only time  4 th  / A kind of living – 5 th   from my album Portraits of a confidence Door 4 are in the top 5  in the 50 most frequently played tracks on Milliondollarriff.com

Thank you for the support, from my fans,  to buy song you like on https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/portraits-confidence-door/id1075174293

5 songs out of 14 , Not so bad   for my 4 th album.


Creation musicale OneSelf  Production musicale

You look for something different, unique and true in the musical landscape, with lyrics that come from the heart

Give yourself a favor, Listen to Happiness


From the album

Portraits of a confidence  Door 4  by OneSelf released by  Symphonic Distribution






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January  25  th  2018




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  ( 25 – 01 –  2018 )

Merci à tous

Thank you to every one


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